Welcome… welcome!

So its time. Its time I got started on my own firearm blog. Yep, plenty of them out there now, but time for me to get started on mine.


Couple of things:

1.) I’m focusing MOSTLY on WW1 and WW2 firearms. There is enough out there on AR-15’s and AK’s to make people read for hours. I’m focusing more on the bolt action stuff from 1890 to 1955 or so.

2.) If you are going to send me hate mail on how evil I am for collecting, shooting and supporting firearms, including why you think the 2nd Amendment is evil and how no one should own guns because they are so horribly dangerous, you are more than welcome to, but be prepared for me to post your email in full and my response in full. I’m not playing games with this one. Email me hate mail, and it will become public. If you look like a tool-bag, that’s your own fault. Plain and simple.

3.) I am an 03FFL, which means I can purchase any Curio and Relic I want (rifles, I do live in MA so I have to deal with the NAZI government here that thinks that a Nagant Revolver is unsafe and shouldn’t be brought into the state). I am willing to always do a write up on a C&R rifle.

4.) I do have a full time job not associated with firearms in any way. It may be days before I update at times. But I am here, and I am reading.


So with that out of the way… welcome! Feel free to email me directly at evil.merlin@gmail.com!



One comment

  1. Tom Lyons

    Good luck on the blog. I have all modern bolt actions, so I can’t chime in here. I do enjoy my Remington 700 series.

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